PRODOS invites you to the Intellectual Adventure!

PRODOS invites you to the Intellectual Adventure!

The PRODOS Screen & Study Salon is a nonprofit, volunteer-run Film Society and adult learning project located in Melbourne, Australia — and is the world’s first and foremost pro free market film society.

Our members admire one or more of the following great thinkers:

  • Aristotle
  • John Locke
  • Adam Smith
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Frederic Bastiat
  • Ludwig von Mises
  • Ayn Rand

We screen & study films promoting or exploring Classical Liberalism & free market principles, individual rights, the history of ideas, and the life and work of creative heroes.

  • No entry fee or ticket price is charged for any of our meetings.
  • A chaired, in-depth discussion is conducted after all screenings.
  • Meetings are not open to the general public — only to members.
  • To attend you must either be a registered member or the guest of a registered member. (Guests may attend only one meeting before becoming members.)



Restricted to supporters of Classical Liberalism and Free Market principles.

Fee: $2 per year.


  • President & Founder: Prodos
  • Secretary: Philip Lillingston
  • Treasurer: Robyn Morley