Presented with the kind permission of Kevin Toolis, Many Rivers Films

On July 7 2005 London was attacked by a new, deadly enemy – the home grown suicide bomber. How could four British citizens turn themselves into human bombs?

How can a woman like 29-year-old Palestinian lawyer Hanadi Jaradat eat lunch in an Israeli restaurant then deliberately stand between two families and blast them and herself to pieces?

For twenty years Robert Baer worked in the Middle East as an agent for the CIA’s Directorate of Operations.

… Robert Baer returns to investigate the rise of Western and female suicide bombers in a new sequel Cult of the Suicide Bomber II and finds out why the ‘virus’ of the cult of the suicide bomber has attracted a new generation of ever more deadly adherents, Westerners and women.

From the grim back streets of Beeston in Leeds – where the 7/7 bombers came from – to the Syrian capital Damascus, to the misery of the Gaza Strip, to the suffocating confines of the world’s only jail for failed female suicide bombers, Baer uncovers the psychology and motivation of individual bombers.