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Presented with the kind permission of Kevin Toolis, Many Rivers Films

Presented by Robert Baer
Produced and Directed by Kevin Toolis
Commissioning Editor Aaqil Ahmed

Britain is under siege. We live in the shadow of the suicide bomber.
Nightclubs, airports, even holiday resorts – all are targets. But can we ever defeat an adversary who longs only for death, martyrdom and the 72 virgins of ‘paradise’?

In the final film of the Emmy nominated Cult of the Suicide Bomber series, ex-CIA agent Robert Baer is on the intelligence trail to investigate how the West can stop the home-grown suicide bomber.

Baer, the real life basis for George Clooney’s character in the Oscar
winning Syriana movie, speaks to the hunters and the hunted from
Israeli intelligence chiefs to Afghan mujaheddin. In the UK Baer
follows the trail of the 21/7 bombers.

Baer’s journey takes him from shocking interviews with Afghan child suicide bombers in secret interrogation centres in Kabul to the grim back streets of refugee camps in the besieged city of Nablus in the Occupied Territories.

With unseen footage of actual suicide bombing attacks, Cult of the
Suicide Bomber III is the definitive television investigation of the enemy we all now fear – the suicide bomber.