Pope Benedict XIV and President George W Bush

Pope Benedict XVI and President George W Bush

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Special thanks to Brian Gaffney.

Sunday, April 13 2008. Hosted By Chris Wallace

In April 2008, Pope Benedict XVI makes an historic trip to the United States, his first since being named pope. This one-hour documentary taps the world-wide resources of FOX News to examine the man and his mission, and the role he will push for the Roman Catholic Church in the 21st century.

Born Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict grew up in the small villages of Bavaria, Germany as Hitler came to power. He became a priest, a brilliant college professor, and a top advisor to Pope John Paul II.

After John Paul’s death, Pope Benedict XVI took over a church faced with significant challenges, including: dwindling numbers of Catholics in Europe, scandals and priest shortages in the United States, a growing secularism throughout the West, and the spread of radical Islam throughout the world.

“Mission to America: Pope Benedict XVI” reveals the inside stories behind Benedict’s plan to revitalize the faith of Catholics in America; his outreach to American Protestants, including Evangelicals; his visit to Ground Zero — the site of Al Qaeda’s September 11, 2001 attack on New York City; his White House meeting with President Bush, and his historic address to the United Nations.