Presented with the kind permission of Dave Compton, Broken Pencil Productions & Two Million Minutes

What makes some men succeed where others fail? Is it smarts? Skills? Street sense? On the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, just one thing separates the “coulda, woulda, shoulda beens” from the Kings: Hustle.

Just ask Checliss “Big C” Rice.

Sole of a Hustla follows Big C from small time street hustler to big time businessman and CEO of Gametime Athletics — the would-be shoe empire of every starry-eyed entrepreneur’s dreams.

With the help of venture capitalist and filmmaker Bob Compton, an airtight business plan and mountain of cash to back him, Big C and his cobbled together crew set out to turn their aspirations into reality. But here in the corporate jungle, it’s a whole different kind of hustle.

Driven by a electrifying soundtrack produced by Jack Oblivian, Sole examines the essence of “hustle,”showing us just how far it can take you, and just how far it can’t. It’s also a story about friends doing whatever it takes to rise above the status quo, and realize the life of pride and dignity that all men, willing to hustle, deserve.